OIX® Merit to connect

1. High reliability, availability

OIX® is connected to several carriers with Multi-homed backbone to keep relability and availability everytime. OIX® provides direct connection for IX to whole DC(DataCenter) in Okinawa.

2. Support Network operaion

Options and additional services are available to support your network more efficiently.

  • OK-net
  • Optimized multi-carrier network service. OK-net plugs a gap of communication between different carrier. It offers cost-merit Inter-DC network in Okinawa particularly.
  • ShisaGuard +SonicEx
  • Encrypted high-speed file transport system. It makes possible to exchange huge file between long-distance or abroad in secure. Only Installing software to start.
    3. Support IPv6 in default

    You can choose either IPv4 or IPv6, and migration from IPv4 to IPv6 will go smoothly.

    Connection from OIX

    OIX® Configuration

    • Processing traffic inside Okinawa completely and getting out of dependence for Metro-IX at mainland of Japan. Possible to reduce traffic on backbone, delay and operation cost.

    • Reliable backbone and more than 5 routes are used.

    ■ Connection Points

    Inside Okinawa
    Nago(1G Connection), Ginoza(1G Connection),
    Uruma1(1G connection), Urasoe(10G Connection),
    Naha1(10G Connection), Naha2(1G Connection)
    Outside Okinawa
    West-Tokyo(1G Connection), Otemachi(1G Connection)

    OIX® Use case

    1. Backup site of DC(DataCenter) on Tokyo
    OIX for Backup
    • Use OIX® and Okinawa-DC as backup for Tokyo-DC

    • Connect Tokyo-DC and OIX® with Metro-Ethernet, then OIX® connects DCs in Okinawa securely and seamlessly.

    • Connection Points on Okinawa can be chosen by purpose of use.
    2. Management office for Nationwide network operation
    OIX for Operation management
    • Connect branches at all over Japan and Operation center with OIX®

    • Operation center manages whole branches from OIX® via Metro-Ethernet. It makes cost to reduce significantly.
    3. Shisa Mobile(Closed) Connection
    Closed connection on OIX
    • Access to office&DC connected OIX from Mobile gear via closed network

    • They are NOT connected to the Internet, access is kept secure

    • For example, Credit payment for Taxi, Manage the proceeds of vending machines, etc.